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About the St Paul Pioneers
We are a Adult Amateur Football team based out of the Twin Cities-St Paul, Minnesota that competes in the Northern Elite Football League (NEFL). Our team is made up of a broad range of experience, from former college stand outs to players who haven't played since high school. We play our games between May and August with home games being played at Concordia University-St. Paul's Seafoam Stadium. The Pioneers provide a great opportunity for anyone wishing to stay involved with the game of football, be it a fan, player, coach, or a sponsor. The Pioneers are pleased to have gained IRS certification as a charitable 501c3 organization. We thank you for your continued support.

Mission Statement
To strengthen our relationship with the St Paul-Minneapolis community, which our football team serves, by giving back whenever possible through donations and volunteer time. As we continue to grow, we look forward to working with area schools, charities, and organizations through donations, volunteering and increasing community awareness.