George Juice Hall: General Manager

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Juice has held many roles with the Pioneers. He has faithfully served as Player, Equipment and Sideline Manager, all the way up to Owner. He was the last sole Team Owner before the organization became a Board, on which Mr. Hall has always served.
In 2017, the Board of Directors named Juice as the team’s General Manager.
He has a rich and varied background in U.S. semi-pro football. In 2013, Juice was inducted into the American Football Association Hall of Fame in the executive category. He has also served as league Vice President of the Northern Elite Football League. He is respected and sought out by teams across the state, region and nation and is truly is an ambassador for the game and the team.
Juice is simply the Heart and Soul of the Pioneers. His work now is to continue helping St. Paul refreshing, renewing and invigorating its tradition of excellence.
Outside of Football, Juice works as a Medical Software Analyst and has a small Freelance Media
Business. Juice had one Daughter and resides in Woodbury, MN.

Daniel Piper: Team Physician, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Director of Safety and Risk Management

Piper, known by all simply as Doc is starting his 13th season with the Pioneers in 2017. Doc Started as Team Physician in the 2005 season and since then has expanded his role each year since. He also works with offense during practice, is Team Strength and Conditioning Coach, and joined the Board at its inception in 2010 and serves as Director of Safety and Risk Management and Vice President of the Board.
Doc has over 20 years of experience working with athletes – whether as a Chiropractor or as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. “I have treated and trained athletes from little leaguers to world champions in a variety of sports”. When it comes to treating, rehabilitating and preventing athletic injuries the primary thing I can do is help athletes get stronger and move better”.
There are two ways to get injured: The first is a one-time traumatic event. The second is the chronic repetitive type. Imagine an egg. You can either smash the egg or you can tap it a couple hundred times. Either way, you now have scrambled eggs. When it comes to the body, whether we are talking about the knee, ankle, hamstring or the brain (aka. concussions), we can get injured with one massive blow or tweaking the joint or muscle the wrong way hundreds if not thousands of times before it finally says ‘enough’ and breaks down. Strength imbalances and poor movement patterns in training, practice and games add up over the years.
By correcting improper, inefficient and potentially dangerous movement patterns and correcting strength imbalances we can prevent a certain number of athletic injuries.
Questions, contact Doc anytime.
phone 612-804- 2461 / email

Andrea Griffiths: Sports Therapist, Assistant Trainer

Andrea graduated from the Aveda Institute in Massage Therapy and has 20 years of experience working with athletes from a wide range of sports.  She has worked in all facets of football; from children football leagues to the NFL. She has also been a consultant in conjunction with sports-related chiropractors and trainers for the NHL and the US Open in New York City.
She owned her own Massage Therapy business in New York, traveling to her clientele in the Tri-State region; treating and educating the whole family in most cases.
Andrea’s enthusiasm and skills utilize many techniques like Myofascial, along with Sports Massage.  Her care also includes the use of therapeutic modalities such as TENS, Athletic Taping/Bracing and Kinesiology.  She believes that therapy is just as much the physical as it is in the mental healing; to prevent, identify, treat and educate Athletes to optimize the best performance before, during and post-injury.
Andrea has a profound sense of respect and honor in seeing Athletes well and educated.  To be successful in sports and in life, an Athlete needs to better understand their body, including what occurs during the body’s return to its non-injury state and how to prepare their own bodies for their drive and endurance on that turf.
She is humbled to be on staff with the St Paul Pioneers. And will continue with great respect
and professionalism as their Sports Therapist.