St. Paul Pioneers Child Literacy Initiative

The St. Paul Pioneers are committed to improving child literacy in our community. Many of our players (current and past) are not only fathers, but also have major roles in education in our communities. While fulfilling these roles in our daily lives, we are made aware of and execute upon many of the programs that exist in the schools to improve fluency, phonics, etc. This gives us a unique perspective of the need for literacy support for the student bodies at large. The entire St. Paul Pioneers organization acknowledges that child literacy fits in our overall mission and is the gateway to opportunity. As an organization we are committed to supporting efforts that foster a positive, enjoyable, and long-lasting relationship with reading. The Pioneers are committed to working with others to provide books to children and also participate in events that ignite the passion for reading that allows a child to explore more opportunities.

We will start with a three ring approach to 2022:

Have books available at practice for members of the team to take home and read with their families. Actively suggest donations and exchanges of books.

Partner with local organizations and communities to have Pioneer Players read to children.

Hold book drives during particular games of the season and partner with a local organization to maximize the impact of distribution of the books collected.

We ask our Pioneer family to look for opportunities to help support these efforts in the future.

If you would like to help or support this cause, Please feel free to contact Coach Damien:


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