Pioneers Celebrate 20th Season

Over its 20 years, the St. Paul Pioneers have compiled a record of excellence that would be the envy of any semi-pro football team in the country.

Eleven league championships. Two regional crowns. Three national championships. Two national runners-up.

But it has been the way St. Paul has won – with consistency, stability and an unflinching commitment to doing things the right way – that truly sets the Pioneers apart.

We are an amateur football team, dedicated to the idea of providing local players and fans the opportunity to continue enjoying the game they love. In an age when players seemingly change teams every season and teams come and go every few years, the Pioneers’ longevity and sustained excellence are a testament to their players, their coaches, their board members – volunteers all.

St. Paul remains the ONLY Minnesota team to win a national title. And the Pioneers did it three times in six seasons.

But the foundation for excellence was established long ago, with the team’s founder and first coach, Adam Gold, and continuing through head coaches Bo Wasurick, Scott Ramsdell, Nate Heiser, Mark Heiser and now, Damien Washington. Twenty years, many championships, hundreds of incredible players and a whole lot of exciting football…

And one important constant:   St. Paul Pioneers – Leave No Doubt.

James Walsh

Staff Writer
Star Tribune

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