Brian Schulz Returns to Announce Pioneers Home Games

Brian Schulz, the voice of the St. Paul Pioneers, is returning to the booth as the Pioneers’ PA announcer at all home games. Schulz will work Pioneers games at their new home: Sea Foam Stadium at Concordia University-St. Paul.

Schulz, a former coach and owner of the Pioneers, took a couple of years off to focus on his kids and career. But he said he is jazzed about returning to the team that has been such a big part of his life. The Pioneers are the two-time defending champions of the Northern Elite Football League.

“I missed the history, the tradition. Everything,” Schulz said. “I missed that camaraderie.”

Schulz began announcing Pioneers games in 2003, when he also served as the team’s general manager. The Pioneers made a run to the national championship game that year and Schulz was named General Manager of the Year. He also owned the Pioneers in 2004. He has been a part of several Pioneers championships since.

His goal then as a game announcer remains his goal today: Infuse Pioneers’ games with a feeling of family. Schulz has developed a reputation as a colorful, talented announcer who pulls players and the crowd into the game action.

“It is what this team has always been about. We became a family. And that’s how we have always treated the fans and the players and all these people who have become part of the pioneers – as family,” Schulz said.

“That is a big deal, to have your name announced and music and fun during the timeouts. Not all the teams have that atmosphere. I think that’s what sets us apart from a lot of the teams these past 10 years.”

The Pioneers will begin play in mid-May. The team has announced that it will hold tryouts on Sunday, January 8 and Sunday, February 19 at the Bethel University Field House. Go to for more information.